"Our young patrons love our Peek-A-Book. We delight in the rapt attention they give to the previews, and are especially happy to see the featured titles which might otherwise be overlooked being snapped up to check out. Peek-A-Book is a wonderful addition to our library.”

Sue Keller,
Cary Area Public Library

“Our administrative assistant saw a little boy running down the hall calling ‘Peek-A-Book, Peek-A-Book!’ while his mother followed after him on their way to the children’s area. The kiosk is being used nonstop and the books are out constantly.”

Maryann Vande Vusse,
Livermore Public Library

“We like to think our challenge as librarians today is to ‘raise readers.’ At Grayslake Area Public Library one of the tools we are lucky to have is Peek-A-Book. In today’s technology driven culture, we use media to introduce and open the world of reading to children. With Peek-A-Book, children look forward each week to a new story and selecting their own book. Parents are happy because their children want to read. As a librarian, I am doubly blessed....happy children and parents, and increased circulation.”

Patricia Greedan,
Grayslake Public Library

“We’ve seen dramatic increases in circulation and interest in reading with the Peek-A-Book system. We use it as a reader’s advisory to reach children raised in a digital age. Our patrons love it.”

Karen McPheeters,
Farmington Public Library

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